Hey All,

I know I have been silent for a while.  I’m sorry.  My anxiety and depression attacked in force the last couple months as I struggled with my boys’ behavior (turns out they are little terrors), family health issues, and just a general lack of purpose/vision for my life.  I realized I am in no position to inspire others to live their best life when I can’t get my crap together.  As much as I want to be that positive force, I barely hold my head above water at this point.

Even though my words lack wisdom and insight, I miss sharing with you.  Therefore, I am re-focusing Hope in the Journey to be the raw (and sometimes ugly) truth of my journey.  I hope to share some nuggets you can relate to – some may inspire, others may make you cry, others still may stir no reaction whatsoever.  Regardless, the words will be honest.

After all, how do we know true joy without experiencing despair, or reach new heights without the valleys?  I still subscribe to the concept of continually learning and striving to be a better version of myself.  Some days I may feel like I took 5 steps backwards, but I keep walking, keep fighting, and keep hoping.

Love Always,