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Closing 2018 with Gratitude

As we sail (or crawl) toward the end of 2018, take a moment to consider everything you have accomplished this year and give thanks.  Don’t dismiss your effort and grit, even on those days where you dragged yourself out of bed and just survived.  If you are like me, 2018 has brought refreshing moments of joy along with demanding challenges.  I finished my first sprint triathlon, but then struggled with my son’s ASD diagnosis.  I was inspired to start this blog, and then, stopped writing for months.  These are just a couple of my ups and downs.

Too often, we focus on what we didn’t do and the goals we didn’t meet.  Unfortunately, the holidays create the perfect opportunity for comparisons and judgment as we struggle toward an unattainable ideal.  We look at our mile long checklist with anxiety and dread.  This year, I didn’t bake cookies.  I didn’t get family photos.  I didn’t get Christmas cards out.  And guess what? My family and I will be just fine!

During this holiday season, give and receive the gift of being kind to yourself.  Don’t worry about all the “should’s” on your list.  Focus on being in the present and enjoy family and friends.

Cut yourself some slack (and a slice of pie while your at it).

Happy Holidays to You and Yours ~ Jennifer

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  1. Niyati Tamaskar

    Jen it is lovely to see you writing again. It’s refreshing to read an honest take on life.

    1. Jennifer Bennett Fry

      Thank you Niyati! I hope to be more consistent in the New Year. 🙂

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